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Soul Shift: The Charming Shifter Mystery Series...
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From the author of the number one Wished for Horror Anthology, The Charming Shifter Mysteries Books 1 - 3, New York Times best-selling author Calinda B takes you on a dark fantasy, deep in the heart of a vampire - D'Raynged.A vampire and a town manager walk into a bar in Charming, Alaska...It's no joke that D'Raynged takes slacking his undead life away wicked seriously. He's a vampire of simple needs. All he wants is warm blood, his roommate's Netflix password, and to be left the hell out of all the supernatural crap that keeps happening to Chia Petit (aforementioned town manager, roommate, and best-friend-that-he-may-or-may-not-be-in-love-with).Household maintenance is definitely not on his to-do list, especially not when it comes to the boiling red energy leak in Chia's bedroom ceiling that is dripping ghosts of all the former shifters and humans killed on her watch all over the carpet. Things go from bad to worse when Chia's boyfriend insists she kick D'Raynged out, and a great snowy owl bashes him in the head, sending him back to the 18th century - the last place he wants to be, and not just because of the lack of indoor plumbing.D'Raynged must fight his way back to the present, but every choice he makes could not only change the course of the very future he's trying to get back to, but also spell certain death for the woman he can't seem to get out of his destiny's hair: Chia.The Charming Shifter Mysteries:Storm Shift: Book 1Power Shift: Book 2 (A USA Today bestselling book)Blood Shift: Book 3Soul Shift: Book 4Boxed Set: The Charming Shifter Mysteries, books 1 - 3 (the number one Most Wished-for Horror Anthology) 1. Language: English. Narrator: Aiya Islam. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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