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Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The Archdiocese of Singapore is an exempt archdiocese of the Latin Church of the Catholic Church. Its territory includes all of Singapore. Its current archbishop is the Most Reverend Monsignor Nicholas Chia Yeck Joo, D.D., S.T.L.. The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd is the cathedral church of the Archdiocese of Singapore. The archdiocese is made up of five districts covering the entire city-state of Singapore. They are the City District, East District, West District, North District and the Serangoon District. As an exempt diocese, the archdiocese is not a part of an ecclesiastical province, but comes under the direct jurisdiction of the Holy See. The archdiocese is a member of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

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